Monday, June 3, 2013

IPA by Alaskan Brewing

I was hanging out with my hubby, helping him work on his motorcycle.  And by helping I mean I was watching him work on his motorcycle while drinking a beer.

I thoroughly enjoyed my frosty cold brew while he ratcheted doohickies, fiddled with thing-a-mah-jiggers, wrenched what-cha-ma-callits, and whatnot.

Yes, yes I let him have a few sips.  I even let him finish the bottle.  Cuz I'm nice like that.

And I really did help.  A little.  A very little.

What was I enjoying so thoroughly?  IPA (6.2% ABV) by Alaskan Brewing.  

The beer poured a clear rich golden color.  The glass was filled with bubbles that created a fluffy champagne like head.  All those bubbles left behind layers of glass grabbing lacing.  

The aroma was loads of citrus, tropical fruit and pine.  Of course, I was surrounded by pine trees but I'm pretty sure it was the hops I was smelling.  

The taste was at first bitter but then it went down so fast I barely gave myself a chance to taste it.  It was so cold and refreshing.  The next sip I took my time to actually experience the beer.  It's a good one!  

Bitter hops, lots of citrus and some pine tempered by a bit of juicy fruit and malt.  Excellent balance of bitter and sweet.  Very nice. Very tasty.

The finish was crisp and clean and left me wanting for more.

The mouthfeel was fairly light and very effervescent.  This is an exceptionally drinkable IPA.  Perfectly refreshing.  Great for a hot day while watching your spouse struggle with disagreeable machinery.

I would rank this pretty high among my favorite IPA's.  Good job Alaskan! 

Overall: excellent

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