Monday, June 24, 2013

CBG Revolution Brewfest - Old friends

There were so many great Connecticut craft brewers at CBG Revolution Brewfest.  I wanted to give a special shout out to breweries I already know and love.

Thimble Islands represented with their American Ale and Coffee Stout.  I stopped by and was like, "What?  No IPA?  How disappointing."  No sooner was I disappointed than a growler of Thimble Islands' latest and greatest creation pulled from the cooler.  Oh my sweet lord.  YES!  Bright and aromatic, bitter and delicious!  Thimble Islands makes some kick ass beer!

Relic was on hand pouring up Clockwork Session IPA.  It's always good to see these guys.  I first tasted their beer at a previous CBG event and then again at a Cask Night also hosted by CBG.  They have a great variety of beers that are unique and creative.

Half Full was represented by Nikki from J. Timothy's.  Prior to this event, I'd only had one other taste of their beer.  Admittedly, it wasn't the best experience but I certainly wanted to give them another shot!  I had a much better experience this time around.  I really enjoyed the IPA and I'm looking forward to trying more of their beers!

New England Brewing was pouring up Sea Hag IPA and Galaxy Pale Ale.  I've had the Sea Hag before.  In fact, I've made pickles from this deliciously bitter brew.  By this point in the day I was pretty much beered up, so I opted to sample the Galaxy only.  It was bitter with juicy fruity sweetness to balance out the flavor making it quite drinkable.  The 4.8% ABV makes it nicely sessionable.  

Back East was pouring up their Misty Mountain IPA and Golden Ale.  I have to admit that Back East isn't my favorite Connecticut brewery.  It's not that they're beer is bad.  I wouldn't say that at all.  I just don't think they hit the high bar set by so many other breweries busting out of the woodwork in our state.  That being said, the representative was nice enough to hear me out and indicated that they appreciate the feedback.  I did enjoy my sample of the golden ale, tho! 

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