Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chillaxin' at the Moat

Photo by Jeff S.

After having a blast of day with my pal Jeff - and I mean blast quite literally - it was decided that it was time to take the fun down a few notches and relax with some good cold brews and a bite to eat.

One of my favorite places for a fresh, tasty beer (or three) and delicious food is Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewing.  The restaurant/brewery overlooks the beautiful Moat range and, if the conditions are right, the top of Mount Washington can be seen looming in the distance.

The Moat is a great place to unwind with a nice meal, cool beverages and pleasant conversation.

What about the beer, you may be thinking.  After all, isn't that what it's all about?  Yes, it's always about the beer.

Summertime Kölsch is a light refreshing sessionable brews.  Served in a shaker pint, it is a clear amber, surprisingly dark for a kolsch.  It arrived with a wisp of foam swirling prettily on top of the brew.

The aroma was bright and inviting; smelling of sweet grains, tart citrus, and a whisper of hops.

The taste is as fresh as the aroma. Dry and crisp with the flavors malted grains and lemon melding into a nice, pleasant summer brew. 

Overall: very good

Belgian Tripel (8.90% ABV) is a big, boozy beer; almost brandy-like. Served in a shaker pint, it is a dense amber color with a fine froth of foam.  

The aroma is malty with a burst of fruit.  The alcohol is clear and present.

The taste is rich and bold.  Malt and dark fruits with spice notes. There is a nice bready yeast presence, as well, adding to the overall complexity of the beer. The alcohol is felt and tasted in a warm pleasant way.  This is not a brew for a novice beer drinker but to me it is quite wonderful.

Overall: very good.

Matilda's Red Rage (5.4% ABV) is an American style red ale.  Served in a shaker pint it is as red as a red ale should be.  Very pretty. It arrived with a finger of fluffy white foam that left some great lacing behind.

The aroma is kind of mellow but caramel malt and a hint of smoke can be detected.

The taste is quite nice.  Malty with a touch of caramel sweetness complimented by smoke and hint of hops.  This is a good balance beer.  Smooth, refreshing and very drinkable.  Delish.

Overall: very good.

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