Monday, June 17, 2013

Sweaty Betty

To name a beer after a chick with a sudoriferous glandular disorder isn't the call I would make.  But who am I to judge?  Maybe it's an attempt at sophomoric humor at the expense of a really sweet girl who just so happens to be perpetually damp. Are you thinking that just because she's a blonde she won't get that the joke is directed at her?  Really?  

Poor Betty.  Drink more beer.  You'll feel better.  It might even cool you off enough that you'll stop dribbling bacteria laden droplets for a little while.  It could happen!  Oh, and a good antiperspirant would go a long way to alleviate the symptoms of your disorder. Just sayin'.

Sweaty Betty (5.2% ABV) by Boulder Beer Company is a Blonde Wheat Beer AKA unfiltered Bavarian-style Hefeweizen.  It pours a hazy golden color with a bright white head.

The aroma is a blend of wheat, banana and citrus.  

The taste is classic for the style.  Wheat, banana and some spice with yeasty bread lurking in the background.  This is a relatively sweet beer with nary a hint of bitterness.  Good and refreshing.

The mouthfeel is light with good carbonation.

This is not the best hefeweizen I've ever had, but it's not bad either.  It's a good beer that I would go for again.

Overall: very good

Oh! And how cool is it that I got an Untappd badge just for drinking a couple brews from the great state of Colorado.  This one and the Mojo IPA I drank the other day.  Nifty!

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