Saturday, June 15, 2013

Overheard at the Red Parka

The Red Parka Pub in Glen, NH has an impressive tap selection - some regulars, some rotating - so it's surprising that hubby and I have had them all. 

Carl, a bartender at the Red Parka, asked us if we'd had the Maple Maibock from Long Trail.  Wait WHAT??? Did he say Maple Maibock.  Two please!  

Then Carl went on to inform us that they were waiting for a keg to kick to hook it up.  He even brought out the tap handle and to taunt us.  What kind of sick torture is this?  So, of course, I asked which keg was about to blow so we could empty that bad boy?  He just laughed.  I think Carl might be evil.

Without any further guidance from the nefarious Carl, hubby and I did our bestest to contribute to getting a keg to kick but there's only so much two people can do.  Many days later . . . 


The stars were aligned.  We got our favorite seat at the bar, and our favorite bartenders were tending bar - yes, one of those was Carl (he's not really such a bad guy - and the much anticipated beer was finally pouring.


Carl poured a couple Maple Maibocks and graciously presented the tap handle for a photo op!  How cool is that?

As we were sipping the much anticipated brew, I overheard Carl talking with another patron.  He said, "The other day I was wondering what I wanted to be when I grow up."  Mind you, Carl is a gray-haired, bushy bearded fellow of crusty New England ilk.  Generally speaking, he pretty much is all growed up.  And then he said as he waived his arm indicating the barroom, "I guess I'm doing it!."  And then he leaned over to the patron he was conversing with and said in a hushed tone, "I'm not really grown up, though."

I know just how he feels.

Maple Maibock is Batch #4 of Long Trail's Brown Bag Series.  In short, the brown bag series are small batches brewed to test new recipes with "generic" labeling to minimize cost - read more here.  Others in this series included an American Pale Ale, Smoked Brown Ale and a Milk Stout.

Althought the Maple Maibock is #4 in the series, for some reason the tap handle was marked #5.  Whatever.

Maple Maibock (6.5% ABV) was served typical Red Parka style in a pint mason jar.  It is a clear golden amber with little head and some lacing.  The aroma was malty with a definite nose of maple goodness.  The taste was sweet and malty like a maibock should be.  The maple presence was apparent but I would have enjoyed a bigger maple flavor. There's a touch of bittering hops to balance out some of the sweetness. The mouthfeel is light to medium with good carbonation.  This is a very drinkable beer, very tasty.  Overall: very good.

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