Monday, June 24, 2013

CBG Revolution Brewfest - Bottom Side Up Brewing

I don't know how it happened, but somehow I walked right by this happy crew and didn't realize that I hadn't tried Bottom Up Brewing 'til I'd tried almost everyone else's beer at the CBG Revolution Brewfest!  That's a lot of beer!  Whatever, I'm glad discovered the error of my ways and repented by trying their yummy craft beers.

Their beers have great names with funny logos.  They're almost as good as the beer in the glass.  ALMOST.

Killer Buzz (5% ABV) is a nice summer Kolsch.  Honey makes a fine addition to this crisp, refreshing style of beer by adding a hint of sweetness.  Really good!

Assault and Battery (6.3% ABV) is a black IPA.  A good example of the style with the rich roasty malts contrasting nicely with mouthwatering hoppy bitterness. A good balance brew.  Yum!

Mug Shots (6.6% ABV) is a stout brewed with cherry flavor coffee. The aroma is just like smelling a fresh cup of coffee.  The taste is just as good.  The cherry is subtle but definitely there adding a nice dose of fruity complexity.  Well done!

An impressive collection of hand crafted beers.  I look forward to tasting more from Bottom Side Up!

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