Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Saranac High Peaks Imperial Stout

Saranac Imperial Stout is one of several beers in their High Peaks Series.  These are beers they are brewing to be bigger and more robust than their regular line up of beers.

High Peaks Imperial Stout (9.00% ABV) pours a rich sable brown with a fat creamy mocha head.  The beer is deep and dark in the glass and the foam has good retention.

The aroma is typical for the style with notes of dark chocolate, coffee and roasty malts.

The initial taste is has a bitter edge to it but this melts into the sweeter malt flavors of chocolate and coffee.  The alcohol isn't overt but it makes its presence known in a subtle way, both in taste and sensation.  The finish is mildly bitter but clean.

The mouthfeel is medium to full; not as rich as many imperial stouts I've had, but not bad either.  

This is a good tasty stout.  Nothing special but overall very good.

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