Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heady Topper

This is my first beer trade.  I think my trading partner made out pretty well considering I gave him a bomber of Alaskan Smoked Porter while I ended up with just a can.  A big can, but just a can, nonetheless.  My hubby was less than pleased with the trade.  He would've much rather had the porter than the Heady Topper but, then again, he's not a huge IPA fan so what does he know.

The trade wasn't the only controversy associated with this humble yet highly sought after and coveted beer.

I failed to follow the large and clearly printed  instructions screaming at me from right on the top of the can which read: DRINK FROM THE CAN! Yeah? Don't tell me what to do! 

Making a mandate like that only serves to make me suspicious and curious.  What are they trying to hide??  Hmmm . . .

Heady Topper (8.00% ABV) brewed by Alchemy Brewing pours a chunky honey gold with a fluffy white head.  That's right!  I said chunky.  Why?  Because there is loads of yeasty floaties swimming around in that beer.  So, if I hadn't poured the beer into a glass I would never had seen all the sedimentary goodness.  So there! The appearance may be a turn-off to some folks but I don't mind an unfiltered beer.  Perhaps this is what the cloak of aluminum is all about.

The aroma is a plethora of hoppiness - grapefruit and other citrus along with juicy tropical fruits and a hint of pine.  

The taste is tart and bitter and sweet.  Yup, all those things all at once.  There's loads of grapefruit up front followed by sweeter tropical fruits and malt.  The resin kicks in more towards the end leaving a linger bitter finish.  The alcohol is nicely concealed.

The mouthfeel is medium with lots of bubbles to lighten it up and contributes to the drinkablility.

Heady Topper has a rabid cult following.  I admit this is one of the reasons I was so eager to try it.

Now here's where the final bit of controversy comes in. Was it good?  Hell yeah it was good! But the best ever IPA?  No, I can honestly say I've had better.  

But I liked it a lot.  And I would probably stand in line with the rest of the Heady Topper hoard to get some just because.

Slam me if you want.  I can take it.

Overall: very, very good.

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mattspent said...

Way better than Alaskan smoked Porter. you did well on this trade.