Monday, June 24, 2013

CBG Revolution Brewfest - Stubborn Beauty Brewing

The first I had Stubborn Beauty Brewing was at CBG's Revolution Brewfest.  

I had a chance to speak with Shane and Andrew, co-owners of the brewery, and the rest of the gang.  They are a fun group of people with a passion for craft beer.  

Stubborn Beauty had four different and tasty brews up for sampling.  Of course, I tried them all.  And, all around, they were really good and tasty beers!  I love the clever names, too.  It's all in good fun!

Speaking In Tongues (7.7% ABV) is a black IPA.  A hint of coffee and roasty malts combined with bitter hops makes for a delicious contrast of flavors between a stout and an IPA.  Really good!

Get Turnt On (8.1% ABV) is an American IPA.  Wow!  True to the style, this beer has big hoppy aroma and flavor.  I love a good IPA.  This one sure did "turnt" me on!  Nom!

How Rye I Am (8.6% ABV) is a Saison / Farmhouse Ale.  This brew has a hefty alcohol content that is impressively well concealed.  This is a good hearty beer with loads of flavor and a twist of rye.  Very good.

Tainted Justice (8.4% ABV) is an Imperial Porter.  Now that's a good porter!  This brew could almost be a Russian imperial stout.  Heh, maybe it is, the lines between stouts and porters are so blurred.  It is rich and bold and porterlicious!

I was duly impressed with all of Stubborn Beauty's brews.  They can stand up against the best craft brewers in Connecticut and beyond.  Really good stuff!

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